What Is Grotesque Ground?

  • Here you will get mainly movie and literary recommendations.
  • This is a place with an idea behind it. The idea that art longs for the grotesque, because only this way it can show the truth about human beings. Is this truth positive or negative?*

Who Am I?

Dr Bock2
My skull, according to Dr. Block

My name is Alice. I am a 20-something PhD student.

I have always been an avid movie-goer. I have seen literally thousands of movies and I still think it’s a small percentage of what I should have seen. As to books, I read a lot. But my interests are not as broad as with movies. I enjoy mostly fantasy, s-f, horror, American classics, short story collections, and books about… movies.

As I was growing up, I realized my growing appeal to everything that is not considered “normal” by the general audience. I didn’t seek such movies and books consciously. They just tended to leave an impression on me while mainstream stuff started to look monotonous and dull. I still watch and read mainstream stuff (and I enjoy it), but what stays with me are the images of macabre, weirdness, black humor, obscenity. All that can be called the grotesque.

I started this blog in November 2013, having in mind you, the audience that is interested in the grotesque. I want to share with you my thoughts and analyses of this puzzling style.

I take time to write each post to be sure that every word stays relevant. As I keep improving my writing skills**, my posts tend to grow longer and look more like essays than usual reviews.

I’m extremely thankful for every “like” and “comment” not because I long for Internet fame, but because it shows me that you were somehow moved or inspired by my thoughts. Thank you!

* That depends on you.
** Hopefully.

update July 2017: You may have noticed that this blog remains inactive – PhD studies are “to blame”. But as my interpretation of It Follows seems to be liked by many people, I may return from this scholarly hiatus soon. I watched many movies since 2015!

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