Summer and horror movies

The world is beautiful. The weather is nice. You have some spare time. You keep watching Japanese men transforming themselves into gory cyborgs.

Yes, that’s me. And I’m preparing my conference paper on Tetsuo. Academia at its best.

Tetsuo 1989 lovers faces
This is a trilogy of amazing body horror.

As a lover of the grotesque, I had to spot this irony. The sun is shining through my windows, and here I am, shutting them.

Notice how horrors are always advertised before Halloween. It’s like you only watch horror movies that very night. Maybe an average person does it this way, treating it like I treat dressing Christmas trees. You don’t dress one in July, that would be crazy!

Grotesque ground_ shoes _path
Witness one blogger’s brave journey into the wilderness. I was blinded by the sun so I focused on my feet instead.

With horrors, fall and winter seem like the best seasons to watch them. Cold weather, gray faces, early darkness…

No! While the overall mood outside may discourage you from scary movies at first, when a film is captivating enough, you will watch it. It doesn’t matter what happens outside your horror zone, it will be only you and your screen,  you and your book.

These poppies want you to go outside. I imagine them screaming “Feed me! FEED ME!” in  The Little Shop of Horrors fashion.

Or you can go out sometimes, as you can witness by a few photos I made two days ago. I’m an amateur photographer, but I will post some from time to time. They feel more personal than stock photos. And I have fun inventing captions underneath.

Yellow flowers heart
These flowers formed a heart when you weren’t looking.

I hope you are spending your summer doing what you like, however seasonal it is. :)

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